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I've been to the Esri User Conference a couple times over the past few years. I am nowhere near being a veteran attendee, but I have compiled my 10 tips for the Esri UC. I hope these tips help make your UC experience a little better!


  1. Bring a good pair of shoes. You will be walking many miles each day. Still not getting in your daily miles? Check out the Esri 5K Fun Run/Walk.
  2. For lunch walk 10-15 minutes out from the convention center. This will help you avoid the crowds and find some really good "hole in the wall" restaurants. My go to for an evening meal is BarleyMash. Can't beat their BarleyMacs! Here is a map of the Gaslamp District:
    Large Map
  3. Don't miss the food trucks between the Hilton Bayfront Hotel and the San Diego Conference Center. They are usually only out there one day.
  4. Buy your GIS themed t-shirts from the Esri Store as soon as they open on Monday. They will sell out fast. They also have a lot of other great swag to take back to your co-works and family. 
  5. Find out where the Esri and vendor sponsored socials are each night. This is a great place to network and get some really good food. Two of my top Esri UC social events are the YPN Social and the Esri DevMeetup. Don't forget to bring a stack of business cards. Especially if you are looking for job, this is a great way to get your name out there.
  6. Follow social media. You can find recaps from the plenary sessions and other daily events (Live Blog: 2016 Esri UC Plenary (Morning Session)). Also keep up with the #esriuc hashtag on Twitter. You can find out about events and giveaways along with useful information about the conference. There will also be some good information shared here (User Conference), so be sure to follow that space on GeoNet.
  7.  Although there are several Starbucks in the conference center, be sure to grab your favorite drink/snack before arriving as the lines can be long there.
  8. Go to the Map Gallery Opening and Evening Reception on Monday. You will see maps from some of the best cartographers and analysts in the world. Plus there usually is some good food.
  9. If your family is traveling with you, be sure to take them to Family Night in the Expo on Wednesday evening. This not only gives you a chance to show them what you do, but many of the vendors breakout some really cool swag for the kids.
  10. Be sure to stop by the Kids Fair. It is ideal for children ages 5-15 and is free and open to everyone. This gives them an opportunity to be hands-on with GIS.


Photo Credits: Esri Flicker

We are working to implement a new feature for GeoNet called News. With this new feature comes several changes to the Navigation Bar and the Inbox/Activity Page.


Navigation Bar

    1. News added (more information below)
    2. Map Removed (Feedback and surveys indicated Map provided little value)
    3. Single click to Inbox
    4. Profile Drop Down
      1. Your Content
      2. Your Places




News Page

News separates the "Inbox" from the "Activity". Inbox would include Inbox, Actions, and Moderation. The News page would include Activity, Recent Activity, Top & Trending Activity, and Custom Streams.


Community News is a stream of information about the community. To start this would be blogs from GeoNet Help and the community manager. There are also two areas that we can customize to provide information and helpful links. What information would be helpful to you in these ares these areas?




This new feature is still being finalized, but any feedback you may have would be helpful to developing this new area of the community. Thank you!

Here are a couple well written and informative blogs posts from earlier this month. Also a common question about which ArcGIS Desktop licenses that gives a pretty good perspective from the user community.


Survey123, Collector and GeoForm (a quick comparison)

by Ismael Chivite

A pretty common question, so we thought we would clarify this a bit. Lets start with a simple table...


Does my company need Desktop Basic, Standard or Advanced? (Answered)


I am currently doing some consulting work for a petroleum company as a geotech....They want to start using Arcgis to make maps with wells (points) and pipelines (lines)....If anyone can provide me with some insight on the topic or give examples of what other oil and gas companies use the software for I would really appreciate it!


Testing your code

by Rene Rubalcava

Your users are happy, you're happy, everything is peachy. Someone says they want some new features. You're like rad dude, I got this. You start writing and refactoring, adding new modules, tweaking a couple of others and somewhere along the line your entire application comes crashing down. Something broke and you've made so many changes you can't tell what broke where.


Improve Water Conservation and Combat Drought with ArcGIS

The Esri Water Practice demonstrates how to increase conservation by using the GIS Platform: organizing and sharing conservation information, understanding customer behavior, empowering customers to change their behavior, and cross-cutting workflows across your departments.

Windows 10 has been a frequent search on GeoNet, so we have provide a good blog resource to get your questions answered. Check out the Imagery and Raster data video from the 2015 User Conference. I have also posted a few unanswered questions that you may be able to answer as well. Thanks!


Is Windows 10 certified with ArcGIS Products?

Esri is currently testing Windows 10 with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3.x and with the version currently in development (ArcGIS 10.4). Until testing and certification are complete, we recommend that you do not install Windows 10 for use with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3.x.


Imagery and Raster Data in ArcGIS

This 1 hour introductory workshop was given at Esri 2015 UC in San Diego, CA.  It is targeted at users that are new to ArcGIS and are interested in its imagery capabilities or users who are currently using the product but wish to expand their use.


Google Play Services 7.5.0 and geotrigger-sdk:1.2.0 conflict error (Unanswered)

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android

Error:Execution failed for task ':processDebugResources'.

> Error: more than one library with package name ''

  You can temporarily disable this error with android.enforceUniquePackageName=false

  However, this is temporary and will be enforced in 1.0


Putting GeoPlanner and ArcGIS Pro to Work

by Praveen Srivastava

As part of the ArcGIS platform, GeoPlanner for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro can help city decision-makers and planners understand and visualize the dynamics of urban infrastructure projects as well as help them optimize the impact of these projects.


Can an existing .mxd map be imported into Story Map? (Answered)

Classic Esri Story Maps

1.  Can I import the file?

2.  If yes, how do I import it?


ArcGis Online Add Field Issue (Unanswered)

ArcGIS Online

I have a problem when adding field in table of a feature service hosted in ArcGIS online. I have tried to add a field but system went i refresh table but the field is not present.

The GeoNet community continues to keep the conversation going by asking/answering question, posting status updates, and sharing polls; however, it's been quiet on the blog front over the past few days. I'd love to see more posts, and be able to feature your work. Not sure how to create a blog post? Check out - Creating Blog Posts


Why are you not leveraging ArcGIS Online?

by Aaron Paul

Most if not all Esri Users current on maintenance have a paid subscription to ArcGIS Online (AGO).

That said, many have not started to leverage it.

If you're not using what you've already paid for, I'm curious why.


How do you use ArcGIS Online in higher education?


I'm really interested to hear from anyone making use of ArcGIS Online at university level, especially for geography or related subjects.


Python Add-In Button Issues (Answered)


I have been playing with the Python Add-In Wizard, and I have created a toolbar with some menus and buttons.  I am having trouble getting the buttons to work, though.


ESRI Web application in & VS without using Silver light? (Answered)

ArcGIS API for Silverlight

Now all our ESRI map module development based on VS2012 and in Here we are using silver light technology for developing the application. Now some of the browsers are stopped working in silver light based applications. So How we can develop ESRI based application in & VS without using Silver light?


Optimize the scene in big city models (Answered)


I created a big city model (the total surface is about 623.74 square kilometers). I created the terrain with a tiff image (heightmap), and the resolution is 4096x4096.


Did you miss my last featured content update? You can still read it here:

Cartograms, ArcGIS JavaScript, and ArcGIS for Smart Communities round out this list of popular GeoNet content

I was recently looking for some examples of story maps related to running race courses when I was pointed in the direction of the Story Maps Gallery. Before I was just searching in the ArcGIS Online search bar and filtering to show only applications. This gallery provides some well  much more functionality.


You can search text or filter by:

  • App Type
  • Subject
  • Format
  • Author


For my example I simply selected the "Sports" subject and found several examples of races that used a story map to provide information to their participants, volunteers, and spectators. Here are a couple of my favorites:


London Marathon

London Marathon


Teton Dam Marathon Races

Enjoy this interactive map! You can even view elevations of the race by clicking on the mile markers. Pan, zoom and click to see more detail. If you want to see details of another race, click on the other tabs to the left.


Check out the Story Maps Gallery to learn something new or gain inspiration for your next story map!



cc: ArcGIS Online Classic Esri Story Maps

As the community manager for GeoNet I see a lot of interesting stats about the community. Although I am not able to read every discussion, blog post, or document; I do see a few gems that bubble up to the top. I don't have current plans to start a regular cadence for this list, but I'll try to share a few of these as often as I can. Here are some notable topics that you may have interest in:


ArcGIS JavaScript Promises and Web Mobile (Part 1)

by Andy Gup

If you haven't had a chance to read up on what's coming in the next major release of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript v4, then it's time to get your game on and brush up on some of the exciting changes that can be explored today in v4 beta1.


ArcGIS Pro 1.1 update negative impacts--Help!! (Answered)

ArcGIS Pro

We are working on some travel time studies, and realized that the Summarize Nearby tool would suit our needs. Pre-update (when we just had Pro 1.0) everything worked perfectly. We would open the tool, set our parameters, click run, and the results would pop up right on the map. Now that Pro has updated to 1.1, we have no results.


Creating Cartograms with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3.1

by Aitor Calero García

Have you ever wonder how to create cartograms in ArcGIS? In case that you do not know what a cartogram is, just have a look...


Web AppBuilder Developer 1.2 - The Small things, Good and Bad

by Robert Scheitlin, GISP

I thought I would blog about the Web App Builder Developer 1.2 that was released 8/12/15, but instead of re hashing whats the big new things in Web AppBuilder Dev, 1.2, I will focus on the little changes that may go unnoticed by some users.


ArcGIS for Smart Communities


It's always nice to hear from peers and experts. Here you will find the information you need to better understand what it means to be a smart community and how Esri can help.


Thinking in modules

by Rene Rubalcava

A while ago I wrote an article on how to Embrace your AMD modules. A couple of questions popped up on seeing examples of how to do so, using best practices and recommended ways of working with modules. So I thought I would try to help out with that today.


Importing Lat Log cordinates  (Answered)


I have a large number of images that have lat long coordinates in their EXIF metadata which represent the location where the image was taken from. I want to draw a map showing whether the images were taken from to include in a report.

I have found times when I need to reorder the text within a field such as in this example with the name being last name, first name.

This can be a simple expression in the Field Calculator using the string.split() operation:


!Name!.split(", ")[1] + ' ' + !Name!.split(", ")[0]


But what about those cases where there may be two or more words?

In this case we can use an if/else statement to determine the number of words in the field and then rearrange accordingly.



Pre-Logic Script Code

def reorder(name):
 if (len(name.split(" ")) ==2):
  return name.split(" ")[1] + ' ' + name.split(" ")[0]
 elif (len(name.split(" ")) ==3):
  return name.split(" ")[2] + ' ' + name.split(" ")[0] + ' ' + name.split(" ")[1]


Name2 =

reorder( !Name!)


Note: Make sure you set the correct split characters. In the second example it only uses a space and not a comma. Also, the example is only set up for 2 and 3 words. Additional conditional statement can be added to accommodate for you data.



Trying out Collector for ArcGIS on my iPhone 5c. I was able to sign into but not my organization. When using my organization url, the Sign In page sits, spins, and never loads the username/password dialog. The default url is which works. I tried modifying the url my adding organization.maps to the beginning which fails. After several trial and error attempts I found the issue to be related to the WWW at the beginning for the url. - works - fails - works