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Today I used Navigator for ArcGIS to create a multiple stop route in offline mode! Navigator for ArcGIS on the App Store on iTunes


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Team ESRI at the West End 4k in Boulder, CO

Corporate Challenge 2015_A.jpgTeam ESRI at the West End 4k in Boulder, CO #esri #run #4k #Boulder

Anyone going to the field to collect data and GPS location should really investigate the capabilities of Esri's Survey123 app for iPhone and Android.  I took a Geotechnical Gauge used by geologists to characterize soil samples and created a form that collects all the same data using your smart device.  Everything is in a dropdown list format (no typing).  The preceding selection determines your next choice (i.e. if you start by selecting a grain category of gravel, the next question asks the gravel type and eliminates the option to choose something from a fine grain category).  Additionally the app allows you to include a photo or other attachment, and you collect the GPS location of the soil sample!!  GEOTECHNICAL NERDS UNITE!!!



Survey123 App

Posted by GMcKinney-esristaff Employee Jul 22, 2015

Here's a really cool video outlining the "how to" and capabilities of the ESRI Survey123 App for iPhone and Android.


Check out the latest Esri app for smartphones!  Navigator for ArcGIS coming soon:  Navigator for ArcGIS | ArcGIS



One of the most challenging aspects of working as an instructor for a software company is keeping up with updates, changes, and new products.  But that's what makes it fun and interesting.

Online updates, app updates, new apps, and social media is enough to make one's head spin.  Attention Deficit Disorder was once looked upon as a hinderance.  In today's fast pace technology growth, it is almost a prerequisite.


The opportunity to learn these new technologies and share with others is a privilege I do not take lightly.  I am only where I am today because of those kind enough to guide me.  I hope to count myself among the great people I've had the pleasure to know as teachers.

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way.

- Mark Twain


My first blog;  A stark white computer monitor is to a blogger what a blank page is to an author.  Unsure where to begin, I know my first entry needed to be something informative, or at the very least entertaining.  Fate provided me with a story that is both.


Last night, like most nights, my daughter and I turned on her favorite songs and "wrestled", which is to say I toss her in the air and she lands on a bed.  She turned 7 last week and doesn't toss like she used to.  My wife doesn't care for this activity.  She has requested this behavior be retired several times.  Each of her requests kiln a sturdy brick.  Each brick stacked upon the previous, constructing a firm and tall foundation from which fate could stand.  "I told you so" would inevidably echo down to a soon to be injured participant.  However, that phrase was not uttered . . . . verbally.  Fate, when it does speak, uses onomatopoeia (the formation of a word from a sound).


Dull smack

- Fate


Our wrestling days came to a close as the doctor completed the tenth stitch in my upper lip.  As I sip my coffee through a straw this morning, I hope that if another cat should cross my path, I will be satisfied to watch it pass without the urge to carry him by the tail.