Sharing with Everyone (Public) in Survey123 may be coming sooner than we think.

Blog Post created by Arlan.Henry on Sep 2, 2016

As a new and casual user of Survey123 (Online AND Connect) with grand intentions for the platform, I've been waiting for months (since March) for this feature to be launched. I currently have two projects in the works which you can check out here and here.


While working on the first of the two listed above on Survey123 Online; a mini-project called ISP Watch, I noticed something different.


Under "My Content" on my ArcGIS Online account, a Form was saved. I had no other options for opening the form apart from "Open with Survey123 for ArcGIS"

I chose to share the form with EVERYONE as well as my groups and organizations.



After enabling it to be shared with Everyone (public), I noticed that the URL given to me upon publishing the survey with Survey123 Online gave anyone with that URL access to fill out the form WITHOUT being prompted for an ArcGIS user account log in.

I don't know if this is a loophole, oversight, or just an indicator that public sharing is coming very soon but IT WORKS!


My biggest obstacle in crowd sourcing data was having to ask everyone to create an AGOL user account, join my groups or organization, and then download either collector or Survey123 mobile apps just to fill out a simple geoform. I'm now able to crowd source that information just by sharing a URL; even though Public sharing is still greyed out not available yet.

I just wanted to share this with Everyone (Public).

See what I did there?

-Arlan Henry-
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