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Our local Community College has their GIS program up for review and we are hoping it won't get axed!! I created a quick Google Forms to gather some info on why one person would get into GIS, how they got into GIS, and what they are doing with it now. Please fill it out and we can get some more ideas on how to help this program and keep awesome GIS'ers coming out of that program (we get interns from there every year).


And if you have any information on what we can do to help this program, we are all ears!

Thanks fellow Geogeeks!


Smarter Cities w/CloudCities

Posted by apence23 Feb 18, 2015

Came across this little gem on the train ride into work today --> CloudCities


I've been starting to work with ESRI CityEngine and some 3D modeling for City of Auburn and what's better than a cloud to host and view other 3D cities? Going to check it out in the next week and try to get some pics on here of some examples that I created.


*Bonus- the free package they offer is amazing for trying out the product.